URGENT!! FRAUD ALERT!! January 18 2015

Hi everyone from Mark at Brunetti. I was hoping you could potentially do us a favour. It seems that we have recently been the victims of some fraudulent transactions which were put through our website using stolen credit card details. Three separate orders over the last three or four months have been created for the Singleman 50 W head. We shipped the products in good faith but have since discovered that we've been had. We have to pay back the cash - AND we've lost the kit!! These, as you know, are RARE amps.

There are only a handful in the UK. If someone offers you one of these, or you hear about one up for sale, PLEASE let us know asap and hopefully we can catch and prosecute the thieving motherfuckers involved.

Here's a link to the facebook post https://www.facebook.com/BrunettiAmpsUk

Thanks everyone. Please retweet and share prolifically amongst all your guitar playing pals.

Thanks people.