Brunetti Pleximan 50w Valve Head Review in Guitarist Magazine this month! April 04 2016

Brunetti Pleximan 50w Valve Head Guitarist Magazine Review

We are very excited to see the fabulous Pleximan 50w boutique valve head receiving the official Guitarist Magazine 'thumps up' this week in the form of a very positive 9/10 review. The reviewers were particularly impressed by the Pleximan's internal and external build quality, the high quality boutique grade components being used and, of course, more than anything, the absolutely amazing rage of killer tones available from such a compact and affordable unit! 

Referring to the Pleximan as 'a beautifully designed and put together amp' the reviewer goes on to conclude that 'this amp has a lot going for it. It's compact, good looking and built to an exceptional standard. Compared with many other boutique designs the Pleximan is also surprisingly affordable'. 

Of course, the look sand build quality are only part of the story. What really matters to all of us is the sound! 

Fortunately, as anyone who's ever plugged into a Brunetti will tell you, there is nothing at all to worry about in this department! The amp is every bit a Brunetti thoroughbred and serves up a wide range of classic, instantly useable tones all with that bit of extra Brunetti magic thrown in! My own 'first impressions review here goes into great detail about the usability and tones available, so I won't replicate that here other than to say that with a firm endorsement from Guitarist Magazine in the bag, we are hoping to see a lot more of you getting your hands on one of these little beauties out there in the near future!