April 04 2016

Brunetti Pleximan 50w Valve Head Review in Guitarist Magazine this month!

Brunetti Pleximan 50w Valve Head Guitarist Magazine Review

We are very excited to see the fabulous Pleximan 50w boutique valve head receiving the official Guitarist Magazine 'thumps up' this week in the form of a very positive 9/10 review. The reviewers were particularly impressed by the Pleximan's internal and external build quality, the high quality boutique grade components being used and, of course, more than anything, the absolutely amazing rage of killer tones available from such a compact and affordable unit! 

Referring to the Pleximan as 'a beautifully designed and put together amp' the reviewer goes on to conclude that 'this amp has a lot going for it. It's compact, good looking and built to an exceptional standard. Compared with many other boutique designs the Pleximan is also surprisingly affordable'. 

Of course, the look sand build quality are only part of the story. What really matters to all of us is the sound! 

Fortunately, as anyone who's ever plugged into a Brunetti will tell you, there is nothing at all to worry about in this department! The amp is every bit a Brunetti thoroughbred and serves up a wide range of classic, instantly useable tones all with that bit of extra Brunetti magic thrown in! My own 'first impressions review here http://www.brunettiamps.com/blogs/news/70155141-the-all-new-brunetti-pleximan-50w-head-first-impressions goes into great detail about the usability and tones available, so I won't replicate that here other than to say that with a firm endorsement from Guitarist Magazine in the bag, we are hoping to see a lot more of you getting your hands on one of these little beauties out there in the near future! 


December 02 2015

The all new Brunetti Pleximan 50W Head - First Impressions.

Well, its about a week since we took delivery of our very first Brunetti Pleximan 50W head here in the UK. As you can imagine, our level of anticipation was extremely high! We'd already seen a couple of the excellent demos on Youtube, and anyway, a major new amp launch from Brunetti is always an exciting affair! 

Unpacking the box, the Pleximan itself is as cute as a button! That's only to be expected from Brunetti. Being based in Modena, Italy, just around the corner from the likes of Ferrari, Maserati and Duccati, and within spitting distance of the world's fashion capital, Milan, stunning design and classy looks are integral to the Brunetti brand. The amp may well cute, but when it comes to tone, It's not just a pretty face!

Keeping it clean

The clean channel follows a similar set up to the very simple two-pot arrangement found on the 10W Metropolitan amp. As with that amp however, the simplicity of the controls belies the sheer range of useable, iconic guitar tones available. As is typical of a Brunetti, it's 'wow' from the get-go. Without touching any of the controls and with the tone straight up at 12 o"clock the amp sounds sweet and immediate. Not at all dissimilar to the Metropolitan, but of course with much more body. (I was playing through the matching Vintage 30 loaded 1x12 Sigleman cab). 

The single 'tone' pot sweeps all the way through from creamy, jazzy, rolled off warmth at one end, through to brittle, biting, twangy, tweedy sounds at the other. The range of tones is quite amazing, given the simplicity of the set up. A quick twiddle and you have yet another great sound! The only question is what kind of sound are you looking for! The clean channel also boasts a 'dense' switch. Engaging this seems, to my ears, to fill out the lower-mids and warm up the sound. Using single coils, you almost end up in something approaching hum-bucker territory at the flick of a switch. Playing around with the tone pot and adding or removing the dense switch further expands the range of gorgeous clean tones available. All in all, pretty damn impressive! Like a really BIG Metropolitan - and that's no backhanded compliment. I could spend hours just experimenting with the clean channel alone!

Again I didn't find much of an urge to tamper with any of the tone controls at this point in time, rather, as I have found with all Brunetti amps, relying upon the controls and pick up selector on my guitar to vary the tone. One thing that I have found since playing Brunetti amps is that I have spent much more time exploring the actual sounds that my various guitars can produce. Until recently I rarely touched the tone and volume controls of my guitars, just leaving everything on 10 as I suspect most people do. Playing through Brunetti, You find that the amp is so responsive to differences in tone and volume that you can't help but start to experiment. I have and newfound appreciation of positions two and four on the pickup selector! Given that the amp has no built in reverb, that's saying something!

I didn't get a chance to plug anything into the built in effects loop, but can only imagine what worlds of sonic delight could be opened up with a bit of experimentation in this area! 

Time to get dirty! 

Now for the channel that everyone REALLY wants to know about on an amp like this! 

The amp has a fairly standard setup when it comes to the main controls governing the overdrive channel, but with a few little extras thrown in, as we have come to expect from Brunetti.  In addition to the usual master volume, gain and bass middle and trebble controls, we have an adjustable 'solo' control which adds a further lump of clean gain boost to help your leads cut above the din of the band - and a further three toggle switches named 'mellow', 'extra' and, excitingly 'hot rod'!

Now here is where the fun starts! Leaving all of the controls fairly central and all of the toggle switches off, you have a fairly straightforward master volume and gain set up, which is in itself capable of a fairly wide range of crunch through to serious lead sounds. Having at tinker with the toggle switches next, the mellow switch does a nice job of rolling off some of the top end to give you and nice smooth neck pickup kind of sound. Think Carlos Santana in a particularly mellow mood. Conversely, the 'extra' switch does almost exactly the opposite. This little switch adds a serious amount of tightness and bite to the sound, firming up the bottom-end and and adding a precise, defined and 'edgy' character to the sound. 

 As for the 'Hot Rod' switch, well, let's just say it does exactly what it says on the tin! We are now in boutique, hot-rodded Plexi territory and everything from Van Halen to classic British rock and metal tones are there for the asking. And gain. Yes, there is a lot of gain available here, but being a Brunetti we never stray into the realms of 'mush' - especially with the 'extra' switch kicked in. The amp sounds literally insane, yet we retain the definition of notes even at extreme gain and volume settings. Mr Van Halen would be impressed, I'm sure. I'm well aware that Marco Brunetti has spent a large part of his career attempting to replicate some of those fabled guitar tones of the 80's - and this time round I think he may just have got closer than ever! 

Summing up

Ok, I'm biased - of course (just like the valves!!) (sorry!) I love the entire range of Brunetti amps and have done since the first second that I plugged into one, two years ago in Marco's demo room in Modena. That was a 10W Metropolitan - still one of may favourite amps - and I was sold instantly on the unbelievable tones coming from this ridiculously small and gorgeous box. 

Since then we've sold umpteen amps to umpteen equally incredulous new fans of the brand. I love to see the gnarly, road-weary, played everything types plug in for the first time at a show and watch as an uncontrollable grin breaks out across their faces within seconds. Make no mistake, these are amps for true connoisseurs of tone. If you don't know the difference, then you may not completely 'get it'. But if you've played a while and used all kinds of kit, you will know the instant that you plug in that there is something special going on here - just like I did, and just like everyone else who has done the same over the last couple years! 

The Pleximan is yet another Marco Brunetti masterpiece. Simple as that! It has it's own style and it's own sound and is definitely a very capable all rounder with practically every variation of tone imaginable under the hood. But it's definitely a Brunetti through and through. It looks unique and it sounds astonishing. It has all of the immediacy and transparency to touch that we have come to expect. No one knows quite how he does it, but Marco never fails to conjure magic from those mysterious glowing tubes that we all love so much.

What's more, for a hand made, boutique 50W all tube head, it's a ridiculous steal at the price! 

 Check out the demo here 

January 18 2015


Hi everyone from Mark at Brunetti. I was hoping you could potentially do us a favour. It seems that we have recently been the victims of some fraudulent transactions which were put through our website using stolen credit card details. Three separate orders over the last three or four months have been created for the Singleman 50 W head. We shipped the products in good faith but have since discovered that we've been had. We have to pay back the cash - AND we've lost the kit!! These, as you know, are RARE amps.

There are only a handful in the UK. If someone offers you one of these, or you hear about one up for sale, PLEASE let us know asap and hopefully we can catch and prosecute the thieving motherfuckers involved.

Here's a link to the facebook post https://www.facebook.com/BrunettiAmpsUk

Thanks everyone. Please retweet and share prolifically amongst all your guitar playing pals.

Thanks people.

September 30 2014

Brunetti Amps at the Leeds Guitar Show This Weekend!

Well, time flies when you are having fun and indeed this is the case here at Brunetti! We can't believe it's a WHOLE YEAR since we were last at the Leeds event, but it's that time again! So folks, here's another chance to see the fantastic line of of Brunetti amps, live, in the flesh. We once again have a DEMO ROOM, so you will be able to CRANK IT UP and really get to understand what these amps are capable of. 

So don't miss out! Come join us, this SUNDAY 5th October! 

May 07 2014

Next opportunity to see us - Merseyside, 18th May!

Just a quick note to let all you Brunetti fans know that we will once again demoing the range of amps and pedals at the Merseyside show on Sunday 18th May!

If you live locally, come on down and try one for yourself!



March 09 2014

Join us at the B3 Guitar Virtuoso Gig Seven Arts, Leeds Wednesday 19th March 2014!

This gig is all about experiencing uplifting music that explores the cutting edge of the expressive possibilities of the electric guitar. Prepare to be entertained and amazed by performers Paul Bielatowicz, Dave Bainbridge and Dave Brons as they each perform pieces that stretch the boundaries of the guitar repertoire. The gig will be at 7 Arts in Leeds, an intimate all seated venue that is well known for its arty ambience and its great Jazz gigs.

Paul Bielatowicz is the guitarist for the Carl Palmer band, he is renowned for adapting a range of classical piano and violin pieces for the guitar using his astounding 8 finger tapping technique. Simon Fitzpatrick (also of the Carl Palmer band) will be accompanying Paul on Bass guitar. Simon's jaw dropping bass compositions will show you things that you never thought possible on the instrument. He combines chord textures with cascading melodies and funky bass lines, all performed simutaneously! 

Dave Bainbridge is the mastermind behind progressive celtic band IONA. A world class piano player and guitarist, he combines ambient film-like textures with soaring guitar leads that are reminiscent of fusion guitar legend Alan Holdsworth crossed with the score of Braveheart! 

Dave Brons' music also has a cinematic feel. His music has been described as Star Wars crossed with Van Halen (virtuoso guitarist) and Einaudi (Piano composer). Dave's epic music combines beautiful piano playing, unusual time signatures and uplifting guitar melodies that will spark your imagination and transport you the the movies in your minds eye.

Tickets are very limited, so don't put off booking them - this is a one off show in an intimate venue, and we've a feeling it's going to be something very special. :o)


And here's a small taster of what you can expect:

Paul Bielatowicz

Simon Fitzpatrick

Dave Bainbridge

Dave Brons
February 17 2014

Mega Stomp Box Sale - Everything 35% OFF!!!!

In an attempt to introduce more of you good folks to our fantastic range of pedals and amps we are, for a very limited time, giving away our entire range of stunning, Marco Brunetti designed stomp boxes at 35% OFF UK List prices! 

Make sure you check out the range and grab yourself a bargain while they last! 


November 22 2013

Brunetti name checked by Rodger Waters guitarist Dave Kilminster

Great to see Dave Kilminster continuing to spread the word about the amazing Brunetti Amps in Guitar World this week. 

We realise that you see quite a bit of this kind of commentary coming from endorsed artists, but its great to see Dave supporting and talking about the brand just because he genuinely believes in and uses the kit! 


Q. What amps are you using?

"The main problem for me for this gig was trying to find an amp that would cover the clean parts and also the overdrive parts. And I didn’t actually think it was possible. I had this vision of going the way of Eric Johnson having different amp setups: solo amp, rhythm amp and clean amp. And then I came across Brunetti, which have amazing, clean sounds and amazing overdrive."




While we are talking about supporters of the brand we have recently supplied a lovely Singleman 35W to the talented Stuart McCallum (http://www.stuartmccallum.com) who just happens to be head of faculty for guitar at Leeds College of Music. We loaned Stu an amp for 24 Hours and that was that. Bye bye trusty Fender, hello lovely new Brunetti! 


Menwihle, session guitarist extrodinaire,Tom Qualyle http://www.youtube.com/user/tq105 has been trying out our fabulous Mercury 50W head (in between touring with Dweezil Zappa!) and is equally impressed. Time to raid the piggy bank Tom! 


The next chance to see the range for yourself will be at the Merseyside Guitar show this weekend. Get yourself down to the show and see what all the fuss is about! 




October 24 2013

Hot Girls and FREE BEER at the Newcastle Guitar show this Sunday!!

Yes, that's right folks, you read that correctly!

We are delighted to announce that Gareth & I will be joined by the beautiful Brunetti Girls at the show this Sunday! We know that most of you will be here to drool over the stunning range of kit on offer, but we'll be providing a little bit of extra eye-candy of our very own, Italiano style! 

As if this wasn't enough, we'll also be inviting you good folks upstairs to our demo suite to enjoy a complimentary beer whilst you plug in and experience the truly astonishing range of Brunetti amps! 

Bring your guitar along and see what a transformation in sound you could achieve by plugging into a Brunetti! 

Hope to see  you on Sunday, 

Mark & Gareth. 



September 06 2013

Leeds Guitar Show 22nd Sept!

Hi everyone!

We hope that you like the new website. Don't forget to pop along to the Leeds Guitar Show on the 22nd Sept. We will once again have a demo room set up where you can come along and experience the Brunetti sound for yourselves! 


Bring your guitar and see how different it sounds through a Brunetti!




May 20 2013

Fantastic Singleman Review!

In case anyone missed this, here is a link to a great review of the Singleman combo on Premierguitar.com




May 19 2013

North West Guitar Show 19th May 2013

Had a fantastic day at the show today. Great to see so many amazing guitarists and to hear the amps being put through their paces. Refreshing to hear some decent players rather than our own inane widdling for a change! 

The feedback was unanimously positive. One guy attempted to sell his car at the show to buy a Singleman - we can't blame him! 

We'll look to upload some sound clips etc shortly. In the meantime, check out the site for sound clips hosted on Soundcloud. 


April 05 2013

Hello UK!

Just wanted to say a big HELLO to all the UK based tube amp fanatics out there. We are very proud to be representing the fantastic range of Brunetti amps here in the UK. 

It's a brand new venture, and we are a small, passionate team. We don't have big marketing budgets, but are relying on the quality of the kit and good old fashioned word of mouth to do the marketing for us!

We will be trying to get out and do all of the regional guitar shows over the next 12 months, so please do come out, have a listen and if you like what you hear, help us by spreading the word! 





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